Public Persona

I have a short aura.  People generally think I’m shorter than I actually am (5’4″ on good mornings; 5’3.75″ otherwise, even though I prefer fractions to decimals), and there are varying theories as to why I am perceived this way.

  1. Lee Mama’s favorite: I have bad posture.  (Quite true, usually, although I have my days, which is why Ben told me I had the best posture he had ever seen in high school.)
  2. I’m thin: I am generally perceived to be “small,” so that applies to my height, too.  But, tall and thin people are often perceived to be taller because they are thin, so I don’t get it.
  3. I turn to U2 for this:

There was something else I wanted to write about re: my public perceptions of me versus how I feel inside (ugh, how New Age-y), but I can’t remember, so this will have to be updated another day.


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