Small World

I met Julia the summer after freshman year of high school.  We were the Goodrich Girls.  I met Mike sometime in late high school.  He was the year below me, and our paths sometimes crossed.  I met Sam in college.  We were both microbiologists, and we graduated together.

Now, Sam knows Mike, because they’ll be attending grad school together.  And, in jumping from Sam’s Fbook to Mike’s fbook, I discovered that Mike also knows Julia!  Thank you, Fbook, for making it so easy to creep.  Rest assured this will not become a lengthy diatribe on the creep potential of Fbook; I have embraced its creepiness since 2005 and have not yet given it up.  Ohioans like their cigarettes, and I like my Facebook.

But take care of your privacy, kids!  Once it’s out there, you can’t get it back!  Check your privacy settings and don’t complain about a service you choose to use!  This is why you can no longer tell simply from reading my profile that I am a female interested in men.  Apparently, there wasn’t much informative data from my profile in the first place.

Far be it for me to compose a blog post without some rambling.  Let’s talk missed connections.  If I had but arrived in the world one year earlier, I would have gotten to know my mom’s cousin, the one who was like her protective older brother, the one who promised to take me everywhere.  If my parents had chosen the Bay Area instead of Cleveland, I would have experienced the ’89 earthquake firsthand.  If I had moved to Boston after graduation, I would be seeing Tiffany and Stephanie all the time.  Because I missed all these connections, I was busy making others.

Going on Loveboat led to Pit of Doom four years later.  Going to CTD led to New York and Boston extravaganzas eight years later.  The connections are there.  I marvel at how many people that I know also know each other.  Still, this pales in comparison to all the people I have yet to know, and I question how much I’ll remember in the future, how meaningful my interactions are today, and how deep friendships run.  People often let friendships lapse, but I operate from the assumption that friendships can be resumed and rejuvenated.  I refuse to let periods of inactivity void significant relationships…but perhaps I just can’t let go.

Who doesn’t like cute high school photos?  Sadies from my senior year of high school.  Aww we were so young.  Oh, wait, I haven’t changed.


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