Phone Call

I used to be much more talented on the phone.  There were times when conversations would hit the 4-hour mark and keep going strong.  Not so anymore, my friends.  Now, my phone calls have purpose.  Now, my phone calls terminate quickly.  Now, my phone calls are to make plans.

Oh, except for those long chats with Joyce about irksome lab partners, the drawn out conversations with Allie about our days, and the gabfests with Wes about life and love (but usually things much more mundane).  Even Mikaela, with whom phone calls shortened dramatically when (a) we started living together and (b) she left the country, has seen a revival in long phone calls (she’s back in the country but living on the other side of town).  It’s odd.

My point is, though, that I was once quite the Chatty Cathy on the phone.  Socially.  Now, I’m calling to find out about the bills for my plane tickets, and people are calling me to urge me to vote one way or the other.  Oh, and…I’m about to call a professor at Northwestern…whom I was supposed to call two weeks ago.  In my defense, we didn’t set a specific time, and he knew I was sick.  Here’s hoping I reach him, and the conversation goes well, and I find out more about science 😀



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