Some visuals

I’ve got two types of visuals for y’all.  (a) a screen shot, and (b) two mobile phone pictures.

(a) The last post was number 88.  Pretty cool, right?  This is auspicious in Chinese-speaking communities because the number eight sounds like the word for prosper.  Check it.

(b) This past weekend, I decided to paint my nails, something that doesn’t happen very often.  Since it was Halloween, I thought I should be festive.  Unfortunately, the nail polish combination I chose didn’t turn out as orange as I would have liked.  (I wasn’t going for a bright orange; more like and orange-y amber with jewel overtones.  Or something.)  Clearly, the situation could be improved by glitter.  Clearly, I only have nail polish from years ago.  At any rate, I took pictures of my hand and my nail so that the world at large could appreciate the “childish” glitter, as Michelle pointed out.  I guess it’s a little middle school to have glittery nail polish…but maybe my friends are just as judgmental as I am!  My fine motor skills have not been honed in the area of nail polish, so the first day I paint my nails, the surrounding skin is often dabbed with color, as well.  My nails always look good a day or two later, after the skin has been denuded of polish, but before the nails start chipping.  Et, voila…

So maybe I’m not going to be a hand model.  Also, my nails are kind of short.  Not in the sense that they were recently clipped (though they were), but that well…the nail bed isn’t very…deep?  I’m not sure how to describe it.

And, a close-up.  Picture taken with the Samsung A737 mobile phone camera against a backdrop of…my couch.  For those who care, here is a description of the polish I used (I don’t know specific names, and the bottles aren’t near me right now):

  1. GAP white
  2. dot of Lancome reddish-pinkish, then mixed/spread with
  3. Wet ‘n Wild terra cotta [It’s kind of ugly.  It was a present and unfortunately, not very well-suited to me]
  4. Shattered [I don’t know if that’s a brand; it’s silver dot glitter and blue bar glitter–kind of like describing bacterial shapes!  Ha.  I’m such a nerd!]
  5. clear top coat

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