This is why/This is why

This is why I’m hot.  No, not really.  Actually, this is how my day went.

9:38 – harangue Mik to get online
9:47- realize that, instead of waiting for Mik to get online, I need to hustle to get to Fremont for tutoring
10:35 – end up being slightly late for tutoring
10:40 – my student has not answered the door
10:41 – “Oh, my parents didn’t call you?”
10:44 – while away an hour being creepy in a parking lot/talking to Joyce and Allie on the phone
11:30 – head into Tapioca Express and socialize with mama’s friend(s), also perusing Sports Illustrated Baseball Preview 2008
1:00 – tutor the Girl who is Bad At Life
2:00 – tutor the pre-pre-med
3:30 – some ultra- and not-so- secret shopping
4:00 – good deed?  (I help Michelle out with some bio because I’m early for tutoring)
4:30 – tutor the nice, normal Pleasantonian.  *sigh* Is it any wonder I dread Fremont so much?
Over the next several hours, I eat, half-heartedly attempt the New York Times crossword, purchase some ribbons for SLUgS Prom, and generally procrastinate.
11:00 – Lee Papa reminds me that I wanted to bake a cake.
12:00 – cake is done!
1:27 – I continue to procrastinate, even though I want to turn in my bioethics final at office hours tomorrow.  Hm.


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