So what up yall. I want to say that life has been pretty boring. Well, I went to Davis for Picnic Day and told my parents it was for a biology field trip. That was pretty fun. It is mostly a blur because for picnic day you get wasted, absolutely trashed. Thats what I exactly did. And boy did I have the time of my life. Not only did i get to witness 1000s of other drunk college students, but I got to see India, yes the India of UCDavis. Cindy knows about this community at Berkeley because that is who i hang out with all the damn time.

Drunk indians are quite humorous, Cindy has seen this with me multiple times. I tend to um make mistakes. But its ok none of them are hardcore…. yet.

But I made no mistakes in Davis, it was great. Cindy talked too much and fell asleep on teh ride back to pleasanton. it was depressing because then I coudlnt talk to cindy.

Anyways, back to India. I talk about India in this blog as a community, not the country. India and I have a love hate relationship. Drama and gossip prevails and it is the ideals that every indian dude and chicks stick by.

I hate drama and gossip, but then again who do i hang out with berkeley… indians. makes me the biggest hypercrite.

but its alrite because im indian.

and yes i can use that as excuse. stupid cindy is going to judge.

Ok we need to study. and cindy is hungry. she is a fattie horse. she came over TO study and what does she do. we gossip and talk about drama. yeah she is indian.

haha 🙂


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