Drink Apple Juice

…OJ will kill you. -Taken from Allie’s shirt.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t the orange juice that really threatened my health on the Spring Break trip. It was the horrendous eating habits.

Spring Break 2008 – Conclusion

We set out with baked goods: shortbread (I fully intend to bake this for my lab, as it doesn’t require eggs) and made-from-scratch brownies. I don’t normally go to the trouble of scratch brownies, not liking brownies because they get stuck in your throat (*that’s what she said*), but in the spirit of the grand adventure, I tried out Alton Brown’s recipe with some additions.

The baked goods were supplemented on this trip by…fast food.  A lot of it 😦

-At least 3 McDonald’s breakfasts [I’ll eat McDonald’s breakfast and ice cream sundaes, but dislike the rest of it.]
-1 breakfast at Wendy’s [Yes, they’re from Ohio, but it was more expensive than McDonald’s and not better-tasting.]
-Burger King in Coalinga [Megabus also stops here]
-Taco Bell [They gave us an extra chalupa]
-Buffet at Rio [And upon our exit, we were offered coupons for MORE food!]

Why did we have such unhealthy eating habits on this trip?  It was a combination of lack of time and paucity of options.  Well, not for the last.  Buffets seem to be tied in to the whole idea of Las Vegas, where excess reigns supreme.  Otherwise, we were often in areas not overflowing with eats, or in a hurry and not able to eat (one of the leading causes of obesity!  Oh dear!).

Much of the Bay Area prides itself on food diversity, our so-called Mediterranean climate making it possible to grow a multitude of raw goodies, while the varieties of forebears spice up the cuisines.  Some even go so far as to adopt a rather unattractive food snobbery.  Well, it’s not that easy, okay?  I’m a fan of eating local, cautiously supportive of Slow Food, and, uh…ethnic.  I was slightly befuddled and a lot frustrated when no one would share seafood dishes with me when I worked in the Midwest last summer.  Then, I realized that it’s not so easy to get fresh seafood supplies in the MIDDLE OF THE COUNTRY.  “Mid” is in that word for a reason; “west” only appears because New England lies to the east, and that little egomaniacal pocket considers iteslf the center of the world!  (I kid.  Mostly.)  I think the ecological conditions are better now, but it would probably serve diners well to be wary of eating Lake Erie catch.  Even in the Yay, we have to be careful about the kind of seafood we eat.  Oh, and by the way, Alex had her first Japanese food experience at CTD last summer.  The first thing she tried?  Seabass sashimi.  Don’t tell me Midwesterners aren’t adventurous.  So, hurray for people who share food with me 🙂

Wrapping up loose ends

  • During Spring Break, I met up with some high school friends for brunch at Dean’s.  Why is this of note?  Check it.  Also, seeing Pleasantonians in Pleasanton is probably not as amazing as running into FOUR different Foothill alums at UCLA (unplanned), but there were a couple unexpected reunions, for which we should all be grateful…and marvel at how small our world is.
  • On the first leg of the roadtrip, a line was crossed in my friendship with Wes.  It had better not happen again.  Mik would definitely disapprove.  No, NOT LIKE THAT.  (Although, there was a slightly good/slightly unsuccessful April Fool’s prank that was like that.)  But no, don’t worry.  Men and women can be friends without sex getting in the way.  Sorry, Harry.  (Ooh, nice tie-in: Harry Connick Jr.’s soundtrack for When Harry Met Sally.  I do love me some Harry Connick Jr.)
  • Pictures might be posted.  If I dust off my lazy ass.


  1. Mik said,

    April 17, 2008 at 7:28 am

    WAIT A MINUTE. There are stories aside from “the story” that I have yet to hear? And I would disapprove? Failure.

    Also. “[S]o-called Mediterranean” – have truer words ever been typed? Because here, in the Mediterranean region, we have winter. And it is gross.

  2. April 18, 2008 at 3:02 am

    […] be presented together.  Stephe, now that I know you read this, I must say: I tried to post that OJ entry sooner, but something went wrong with my technology.  We’re back on track […]

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